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Aga & Rayburn Cookers Service & Appointments

Getting the most out of your range cooker requires regular servicing from  independent engineers. Otherwise, normal wear and tear can leave you with an inefficient product that’s just burning money.

If something goes wrong with your Aga or Rayburn Cooker, you’ll need repairs done fast.

Whether it’s a scheduled appointment or an emergency repair, Jim Green Ltd set the standard for fast, reliable servicing.

Our Promise:

We know that it’s hard to get by without your range cooker, especially when you rely on it for everything from cooking to heating your home. That’s why we ensure that we get to you as quickly as possible.

Call the professionals now on 01483 475 558.

Jim Green Ltd will handle:

    • Aga & Rayburn cooker servicing
    • Aga & Rayburn cooker breakdown repair
    • Dismantling & Rebuilding of Aga cookers
    • Site surveys
We pledge to carry out any servicing within seven days of your call, and any breakdown repairs within 24 hours.

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If you have any questions contact us on jimgreenltd@live.co.uk